How to Build Confidence as a New Writer

How to Build Confidence as a New Writer

Becoming a successful novelist certainly requires more than just the ability to write. Beginner writers are also required to be able to adapt to the world of writing, build confidence, and be consistent to keep writing in a disciplined manner. With minimal experience, building self-confidence is a serious problem for many novice writers.

So, how do you build confidence as a novel writer?

Build Confidence as a New Writer in 5 Tips

Build Confidence

The world of writing, which has more and more enthusiasts as it is today, has given a lot of space for novice writers to participate in presenting their works with various motivations. There are those who are tempted because they see the fantastic salary of novel writers, there are those who want to be famous and popular, but there are also those who just want to write and have works.

But unfortunately, not all motivation finds its estuary. Getting paid handsomely and fame from writing, not everyone can get it. In fact, the goal was indeed less appropriate to be used as motivation from the start. Writing books for novice writers based solely on material achievements often leads to disappointment.

But most importantly, whatever motivation you have as a novice writer, being confident about it is half the success. Unfortunately, for some people this is not something that is easy to do.

So, here are 5 ways to build confidence as a novice writer that you can certainly practice.

1. Ask Yourself: Why Are You Writing?

As the most basic foundation for building confidence as a novice writer is ask yourself first; Why are you writing?

Forget questions; What materials are the best for beginning writers, or what are the ideal themes to write about? Before you write and do it with all your best efforts, give your heart the best chance to find out why you want to write?

Finding the reason why you write is the spirit of writing itself. Find out what is your fundamental goal of moving pen and paper, composing words and sentences, every day, every moment?

Did you learn how to become a novice novelist because you were captivated by the money and income the writer said was fantastic? Are you writing for fame like a celebrity? Or do you want to produce a work that can be read and is useful for other humans?

Whatever your underlying reason for writing, stick to it.

As a suggestion, you need a very strong reason to be able to consistently write continuously and be disciplined. Well, ask yourself; Is the reason for money, fame, wanting to be useful for others and so on, will it be able to become a driving force for you to continue to write consistently?

2. Build Habits as a Writer

Build Confidence

In every community of novice writers, there should be one or two professional writers who can help direct the patterns of a writer’s habits. This habit is very important because with this process, you will be forged over time to become a true writer.

The question then is; what are the habits of novice writers and what is the rhythm in which they do it?

Writers like to read, so you as a novice writer must like to read. Writers write every day, so you also have to commit to write every day. Writers don’t wait for the mood to write, meaning you can’t wait for inspiration and miracles to finish your writing.

There are many tips for novice writers that you can find on this blog which are based on various research and habits of successful writers. Apply and familiarize yourself with all these rhythms.

If you do this consistently, it won’t take long for you to find the self-confidence as a writer that will come naturally within you.

3. Ignorant with Other People’s Presumptions

Is being a novice book writer not reaping the comments of others around you?

just know; whatever you do in life, whether it’s being a book writer, novelist, official, director, civil servant or even a president, all your activities will still attract other people to comment.

You may be able to note several people who support the writing process that you are doing.

Writing is not easy, especially if you want to be a writer who is not only happy and proud because you can write only anthology books. If you want to produce the best work, you will be required to strive harder to achieve it.

When your first book is published and maybe it doesn’t sell well in the market, you will be commented on. When you have succeeded in writing up to ten book titles, but have not shown material success, then that can also provoke other people’s words.

Sometimes motivation for novice writers doesn’t have to be just beautiful and grandiose words. Even I personally say to many budding writers who learn to write in my class; Prepare yourself for whatever other people say. Writing and succeeding in it requires a process that is not easy.

And for that you sometimes have to be ignorant to keep going according to plan.

4. Do not give up and be discouraged

Many novice writers think that when they succeed in publishing a book, their life will be ideal; writing, road shows everywhere, promoting books, meeting fans, and so on.

But is that really the case?

Honestly not.

Even 95% of books written and published in countries with high reading interest such as Finland and the United States, only sell 250 copies all the time. The rather lucky book only sold 3,000 copies at most. And less than 1% of books that are written and published, become best sellers and make a lot of money for their authors.

What does this mean?

If you write for money and fame then 95% of your efforts will fail in the first book. Even if you publish it in a country with the highest reading interest.

This of course will discourage some people, right?

Frankly, you don’t need to change your goals and reasons for writing, just don’t give up quickly to achieve them. You may succeed at your 10th, 20th, or even your 100th book.

Of course, don’t give up easily and get discouraged.

5. Realize That Being a Writer Is Like Life or Like an Eagle

Build Confidence

The last thing you can do to increase your confidence as a budding writer is to realize that writing is like living. Being a writer is like being a general professional in any other field.

For example, writers are like sports athletes who continue to train their abilities to become champions. Running athletes continue to train their running abilities to become champions in running competitions. Boxing athletes continue to practice boxing to become champions in boxing matches. Or swimming athletes continue to practice swimming every day in order to prepare themselves to win in swimming competitions.

Whether they will become champions or not, they are willing to train themselves every day to be the best in their field.

And writing too.

You write every day to be the best. Although maybe you will not be rich and famous by writing.

Or you can also take motivation for novice writers from the life of an eagle that wakes up in the morning to hunt. We don’t know what he will get as a result of being hunted later, but the eagle wakes up in the morning and hunts because he is a hunter.

And as a writer, you too, who wake up every morning to write. Not what you will get from writing, but because you are a writer.

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