How to Becoming Beginner Freelance Writer

How to Becoming a Beginner Freelance Writer

Becoming a beginner freelance writer can be an interesting choice, especially for those of you who like the world of writing. The potential income from this business is quite tempting, it can even be many times your previous income. But on the other hand, being a freelance writer is also a profession that requires special skills and techniques to be successful.

The problem is, many people who become freelance writers are confused about how to do it so they can be successful.

Secret Tips for Beginner Freelance Writer Success

Beginner Freelance Writer

As a beginner, the salary of a freelance writer is certainly not something you should prioritize first. Earning potential in this field will continue to increase along with your fortpolio, experience and insight. This process is natural, it might take up to years.

However, this process can actually be accelerated if you only know the tips and secrets. You don’t have to wait years to get a better income from the profession as a freelance writer job.

The question then is; How to?

Before discussing this further, it’s a good idea to also know what a true freelance writer means.

Defenition of  Freelance Writer?

Freelance writer is a professional writer who is a part-time writing contractor as well as being the opposite of a full-time writer for a company. While full-time writers work for only one company, freelance writers are sometimes hired on a contractual basis for writing projects.

A freelance writer offers their writing services to many different clients, and often writes for many different things. Whatever type of writing their client requests, a freelance writer will usually write it.

In their activities, freelance writer online jobs are also used to providing their services to many types of clients. Freelance writers can write short stories for creative writing journals, write essays for professional technical writers, or even become email marketers and content writers for a website.

What Types of Work Can a Freelance Writer Do?

Whatever type of writing is required, it can ideally be done by a freelance writer. However, certain writing specialists can also be a plus on their own.

In general, the types of writing that you can work on when deciding to become a professional freelance writer are the following two things;

Freelance Writer for Technical Writing

In journals that inform 2021 freelance writer vacancies, technical writing is still the most sought-after type of writing. This type of writing is scientific writing where you write based on data and facts that are usually used for professional purposes.

Some examples that are common for this type of technical writing and can be done by you as a freelance writer are as follows;

  • Freelance writer for content.
  • Freelance writer for sales or copywriting.
  • Freelance writer for email marketing.
  • Freelance writer for proposals, journals and essays.
  • Freelance writing for health, finance, product instructions, and more.
  • And others.

Freelance Writer for Creative Writing

The definition of a creative writer is the opposite of a technical writer, namely a professional writer who writes based on imagination, creativity and innovation and goes beyond the boundaries of journalistic writing in general.

Based on this definition, some examples of creative writing work that you can work on as a novice freelance writer are;

  • Freelancing short story writer.
  • Freelancing writing novels.
  • Freelancing scriptwriting or screenplay.
  • Freelancing writing for songs.
  • And others.

7 Tips for Succes a Beginner Freelance Writer

Beginner Freelance Writer

If you are also interested in trying to become a freelance writer, here are 7 tips you can do. With these 7 tips, you can become a successful beginner freelance writer.

1. Keep Previous Job

As a beginner freelance writer, you should not be careless by immediately deciding to resign from your daily job. For the time being, just make your freelance writing profession a part-time job.

If you decide to open a service as a freelance writer online job while your daily work is for example in a workshop or factory, then don’t rush to leave your job as an employee.

You can accept a writing job at any time online, but you can arrange the work in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with your main job.

2. Find a Specialist Niche

If you are a student and find yourself good enough in the world of writing, then you can open freelance writing services for students who specifically, for example, target certain types of writing.

You can choose to write specifically, for example in writing a thesis, proposal, course material and so on. With the same method, you can also choose a specific niche to make you a specialist in that field of writing.

Background being a pharmacy student can give you the opportunity to write about health, accounting background can be an asset to write about finance, and so on.

3. Create a Personal Website or Blog

Now, this is important, unfortunately not many novice freelance writers are aware of it.

A blog or website for a writer is something more than just a place to write. A blog can also be a window for you to display your portfolio of writing that you have done. Blog can also be a way to attract potential clients who need the writing services that you offer.

There are many opportunities for writing services that you can market through blogs. You can focus, for example, on ghost writing, writing books, ghost writing technical writing, ghost writing creative writing, and so on.

You can even hone your teaching skills by opening online coaching and online courses on writing via the website.

4. Learn Different Types of Writing

Clients will have a lot of expectations of the freelance writers they use. Some of these expectations are sometimes beyond the basic capabilities of the freelance writer himself. This is if you just let it go, you will miss a number of opportunities that might provide a decent income potential.

So, it’s important for you to answer this challenge by preparing yourself and learning various types of writing.

You can increase your skills, for example by writing journals, essays, Classroom Action Research for teacher promotion, short stories, poetry, copywriting and so on.

5. Get Knowledge About Basic SEO

Beginner Freelance Writer

One of the most common examples of freelance writers today is for online content. In this type of writing, which in fact is written on the internet, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something that is important for you to know, at least the basics.

In the operational search system on the internet, search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on, use keywords to display search commands. So, these keywords must then be learned by a freelance writer to be inserted in the writing so that it can be indexed by the search system.

In inserting your own keywords, there are several techniques that must be known to produce writing that is friendly for readers, as well as familiar in search engines.

Apart from keywords, SEO operations will also require knowledge of backlinks, internal links, and so on.

6. Manage Time with Discipline

This is the most important part if you really want to become a successful freelance writer. Time management skills or time management skills must be adapted to the demands of a professional freelance writer.

There are times when you will meet clients who have a writing urgency that requires fast time. While on other clients, for example, a writing job may take a long time to complete because of the level of complexity and difficulty.

This is even more complex if you still have another main job. The ability to manage the time between freelance writing and your main job is critical to your success as a professional freelance writer later.

7. Be Superman with Proofreading and Editing Skills

The last part that you have to prepare to become a successful beginner freelance writer is the ability to do writing work independently in various processes. Included in this process is that you can do proofreading and editing before you hand over your own work to the client.

So, when your writing results are submitted to clients, everything is ready-made writing that just needs to be uploaded on their site.

It is important for you to master various supporting skills like this as a way to support your professionalism and credibility as a freelancer.


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