How to Become a Successful Writer

How to Become a Successful Writer

The profession of a successful writer is indeed one of the most coveted professions. Having a work in the form of a book, known by the wider community, as well as the opportunity to earn income through writing are some of the factors that encourage people to desire this.

Although it is not difficult, the writing profession also requires passion and hard work to be successful. Apart from that, various strategies and tips for becoming a writer also need to be observed in order to be successful in this field.

Basically, there are lots of tips and ways to become a successful writer that are often shared, either through the internet, social media, videos, or even in the form of reading books. Some writers may share slightly different ways in terms of details, but basically the various tips for becoming a successful writer remain the same in concept.

So, what exactly are the tips and tricks that can be applied to become a writer?

This time I will try to share 8 simple principles of being a writer that you can practice. By consistently following and applying these 8 principles, your dream to become a successful writer will come true.

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8 Tips for Being a Successful Writer that are Simple and Easy to Practice

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To produce books and papers is basically not something difficult. The main requirements you need to do that are consistency and persistence.

In writing, the term slowly but surely is a nearly all-encompassing principle. So in other words, perseverance and seriousness in writing is the main key to focusing on the progress you make every day.

Even so, there are some people who sometimes force themselves to get results in an instant way, including in this world of writing. Even though if you want to become a successful writer, basically there is no instant way.

You and all of us must process, follow the flow, learn from mistakes, and continue to improve abilities. Without the willingness to do it all, it’s not easy to realize the dream of becoming a successful writer.

Now, if you feel that seriousness and persistence in writing is something that is hard to do, there are several ways that you can make tips and guidelines.

1. Writing 50 Words, Same as Writing One Paragraph

Thousand miles journey always begins from the single step


If you can write 50 words, be proud, it means you are able to produce one paragraph.

Then, is writing 50 words easy?

Of course it’s easy, even for those of you who are used to stringing words and writing poetry, supported again by broad insight because you like to read, for example, you will be able to write even more words. Not even just 50 words, you can also write 100 words, 200 words or even more than that.

The essence of this first spirit is not to hesitate to start from something that looks small and trivial. Whatever it is, not only in the world of writing, even if it starts from something small and trivial, but if it is done continuously and consistently it will achieve success.

2. Write 400 Words, Equal to One Page

The second of these 8 guidelines and principles for how to be a writer also illustrates process and persistence. If previously it was likened to being able to form a paragraph by only writing 50 words, now try increasing to 400 words and that will become one page of a book.

If we make the length of the paragraph an average of 50 words and it will become a paragraph, then you need to make a paragraph 8 times to make it a complete page, or with a total number of words an average of 400 words.

Now imagine if every day you can write as many as 400 to 500 words, that means you write one page of the book every day. And of course that is one of the criteria for a productive and consistent writer.

3. Write 300 Pages, Same as a Script

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Furthermore, if you consistently write 50 words into one paragraph and 400 words into one page, then within one year you will have a book manuscript.

Consistency and discipline are the main keys to doing this. As long as you are disciplined and consistent to always write every day, then within a time that you can calculate yourself, you will soon have a book manuscript in your name.

The significance of the way to become a writer of novels or other books is that in the world of writing, small beginnings but continuous work will have a significant impact.

Besides bringing you closer to your goal as a professional writer every day, writing consistently like tips one to three above can also help train your own discipline.

4. Writing Every Day Will Create a Habit

Some unofficial research says; to form a habit, one must at least do something for 100 times in a row.

There are also other studies that say a different amount. While others also revealed that a habit will be formed within 100 days if something is done without interruption every day.

But the theory that is the simplest and also easier to apply is to set the time for 40 consecutive days without breaking. So if you consistently write one page every day within 40 days continuously, then that is enough to make writing activity your habit.

Then why should writing become a habit?

Habits will program a person’s performance to do something consistently, maybe even when in his subconscious. By making writing activities an important part of your habits, then in the development of these habits will help you to become a productive and successful writer.

5. Edit and Rewrite, It Will Make Your Writing Skills Better.

Writing and reading are a familiar pair. But for a writer, or for anyone who wants to be a successful writer, the pair of words writing and reading is still lacking.

So what else to add to the perfect blend as a spirit for a writer?

If reading is the intake of a writer’s mind, then writing is a form of productivity and the main activity he does. To perfect this interesting combination, someone who wants to be a successful writer must also familiarize himself with editing, especially his own writing.

By frequently making edits, then rewriting the script he wrote in the parts that are deemed necessary, his ability to become a writer will get better.

Writing, reading, then editing, if done continuously and regularly, will produce a very effective combination for honing a writer’s skills.

6. Share Posts and Get Feedback or Reviews

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The next thing you can do as simple tips for writing is don’t hesitate to publish your writing for later to be criticized by others. A good writer will always be open to criticism and suggestions. With criticism and suggestions, a writer can then find out what he should improve in the writing process he is doing.

To get feedback on his writing, a novice writer currently has many options for interaction. You can post your writing on social media like Facebook, then ask your friends to criticize it. Or if you prefer, you can also create a blog and post your writings there.

Always remember inside tips on how to become a sixth writer to be open-minded to criticism. If you want progress in the writing that you are doing, then getting good reviews in the form of criticism or suggestions, is absolutely what you need.

7. Don’t worry about rejection, have a successful writer mentality.

Has every major writer who is currently successful and famous never been rejected?

Of course they have, maybe even often, until then they manage to find a time and place where success greets them.

JK. Rowling, the author of the famous Harry Potter fantasy novel, was rejected dozens of times before her book exploded on the market.

The Harry Potter and the wizarding world script written by JK Rowling was rejected repeatedly, but Rowling did not give up. Because if at the time of two or three refusals at that time he immediately gave up, then all of us would never have known the story of Harry Potter until now.

If you really want to be a successful writer, then have the mentality of a writer. And the mentality of a successful writer is to never worry about rejection. Rejection is part of the process to success, just enjoy it while continuing to improve the writing you produce.

8. If You’re Not Writing, Then Read.

Furthermore The last tip for becoming a great writer is that you have to make time to read when you’re not writing. Read books by authors who are greater than you. Read, pay attention, absorb, and dive word by word.

If the writer expresses sadness, how does he write it. If the writer tells about joy, how does he express it? You should learn this when you don’t have time to write.

As well as adding to your own insight and knowledge, reading the work of people who are better than you will provide a richer perspective on your own style and writing.

Finally if you practice earnestly 8 the tips for becoming a writer presented above you only need to be patient to find your success.

Always remember the old adage that; a combination of patience, persistence, and hard work, is the formula for achieving unbeatable success.

So now, good luck to become successful a writer.

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