5 Most Important Elements of Fiction Writing

Elements of Fiction

At least the 5 elements of fiction are the most important in any novel or short story writing. These five elements are the basic structure that makes a fictional story perfect. Without these five elements, it is impossible to build a fictional story. Even though you have such an extraordinary story idea.

So, what are the most important elements in writing fiction in the form of short stories or novels?

The 5 Most Important Elements of Fiction in Every Novel or Short Story Writing

Elements of Fiction

Writing fiction is something that is loved by many people at this time. The writing profession is starting to be eyed as one of the promising professions to be involved in. Decent income with works that make you proud, has made a magnet for more people to write. And most of them, almost always choose fiction to start with.

Writing fiction does look much easier than writing non-fiction. Even so, understanding the structural elements of fiction which are the main points of story building cannot be ignored. Unfortunately for many budding writers, this part often goes unnoticed.

Basically, elements of short stories with elements of a longer novel are arranged on the same basis. It’s just that there are differences in quantity and complexity which then define the two types of fictional stories. Novels generally have a greater quantity and complexity of elements.

However, both short stories and novels have the same prose elements. To write stories in the form of short stories and novels well, you need to understand what are the important elements.

So, what are the 5 most important elements of fiction to build a good story?

1. Plot

The first important element in writing fiction is the plot or storyline. Plot is the storyline that becomes the direction of writing that you do. The plot will always stick wherever the character is and whatever he is doing. The plot will always be in whatever events occur throughout the writing of the story that you are doing.

The collection of events that are engineered throughout the story will be the builder for the formation of the overall storyline which you can then convey in a general synopsis. While the single events that take place throughout the storyline are buildings that are interrelated as forming a complete plot.

Your ability to build elements of a short story or novel which consists of pieces of events in the form of a plot or plot, is an important part of the first elements of writing fiction that you can know as elements of fiction writing.

2. Settings

The second element in writing fiction either in the form of short stories or novels is the setting. Setting is the place where a plot takes place and the characters perform the action. Setting is important in fiction and has the same position as the plot or the character itself.

Settings it doesn’t have to be realistic. In science fiction writing or certain types of stories, the setting can be imaginary. However, as an element of strong fiction, an imaginary setting will be greatly influenced by how well you describe the details of the background of the story you are writing.

It is also important for you to understand that the setting cannot only be interpreted as a place. Conditions of thought, religious beliefs, political choices, restrictions on customs, or principles of dogmas can also be the setting for a story.

3. Character

Elements of Fiction

The third element in writing fiction is the character. The character itself is an object figure that is told in the plot and also the setting. In principle, the more specifically you describe a character in a fictional story, the stronger then that character will be formed.

Generally, people only know the two most prominent characters in fiction writing, the good characters or protagonists, and the bad characters or antagonists.

But in essence, elements of fiction in the form of characters are not that simple. Apart from protagonist and antagonist characters, there are also those known as mentor characters, support characters, and so on.

Fictional stories are stories that are based on the author’s own imagination. So, in general, to make fictional stories come alive and touch more readers, a writer also creates a number of supporting characters that will make the elements of the story more complex.

4. Conflict

The fourth element in writing fiction is conflict. Conflicts or problems must exist in every fictional story. The more dramatic the conflict you can write down, the bigger the impact it will have on the whole story.

Conflict plays an important role in any type of story writing. Even if it’s not fiction. But in fiction, you can design a conflict according to your own will. And what needs to be remembered also in writing fiction, the conflict must be strong and drag the emotional side of the various characters in it.

Some novice writers avoid their characters from various problems as their way of glorifying the perfection of the characters. However, experienced writers certainly know that only complicated conflicts will test the toughness of the characters being told.

5. Theme

The last thing that becomes an important element in writing fiction is the theme or topic of the story. This is kind of an outline of what you’re writing about. Or you can also make a question about; What message do you want to convey in the story you wrote?

There are many writing themes that you can choose from. And when you already have an outline of a story to write, choosing a theme isn’t difficult. You can choose themes of romance, war, heroism, friendship, betrayal, and various other fiction writing topics.

Apart from the theme, style is also a story element that you should have in every fiction writing. Style is the way you choose to tell something with words, sentences and storytelling techniques that are unique to you. Style is closely correlated with the branding image of a writer.

Readers sometimes don’t really fall in love with the story being told. Or not so interested in the theme of the writing itself. However, if he has fallen in love with the author’s writing style, then he will most likely read all the writings written by that author.


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